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Chemical and Polymer companies require safe, efficient and reliable methods of storing data and communicating between local plants and global facilities. Canary Labs has worked with many companies to deliver an infrastructure that includes real-time and historical information used to track equipment, monitor energy and water usage, optimize equipment efficiencies and manage maintenance schedules.

One customer, the Xerox Supplies Development Center in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, uses the Canary Enterprise Historian and TrendLink software to improve operating efficiencies. The plant starts the process with raw materials, such as polymers and chemicals, and manufactures different color toners in bulk. The colors produced are black, yellow, magenta and cyan. Once developed, the product is shipped to a sister plant in Oakville, Ontario, Canada for further processing and packaging.

Xerox’s manufacturing process includes water purifying equipment for reverse osmosis and deionized water, and wastewater processing via a wastewater treatment facility. An existing ABB process control system and Allen Bradley PLCs are used to control some of the process equipment and all of the facility equipment. Xerox uses the Kepware OPC server to connect to the PLCs and the Canary Enterprise Historian. The Canary Enterprise Historian also directly connects to other types of facility equipment.

Looking for a better method to store historical data and provide trend information for the PLCs and other less flexible and obsolete software used in the facility, Xerox started using the Canary Enterprise Historian and TrendLink software in November, 2007. The engineering and maintenance staff can troubleshoot and apply preventive maintenance methods by extensively monitoring water production and wastewater processing. Additional facility equipment, including chillers and boilers, will have historical data archived to further monitor and optimize operations.

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A Word From Our Clients

"Through Canary Labs, the added access to historical data trends of plant equipment by the maintenance and engineering staff, has improved troubleshooting methods and enhanced the ability of predictive maintenance. The final outcome is that the Canary Labs software has improved our productivity."

Frank Teixeira, Electrical Engineer, Xerox

Discrete and process manufacturing companies face many challenges. Some of these include regulatory compliance, optimizing production, and increasing plant efficiencies all while sharing information across multiple locations. Canary Labs works closely with manufacturers to implement a solution that will provide great benefits to daily operations while minimizing costs.

Mountain Cement Company turned to Canary Labs to implement a solution that could work across multiple locations. Initially, the Canary Enterprise Historian and TrendLink software was used to aid with the production operations processes. After further evaluation, Mountain Cement Company engaged Canary Labs to deliver further functionality that would provide real-time values and trends of the instantaneous and averaged data to operations personnel, and to alert operators to excess emission events while simultaneously recording the cause and corrective actions in the Canary Enterprise Historian. Using the Canary Excel Add-In, Mountain Cement can provide on-demand reports that detail excess emissions, kiln operating time, calculated percentage of time in excess, and other required regulatory events. In addition to increased productivity, Mountain Cement ensures a safe work environment for their employees.

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A Word From Our Clients

"Canary Labs trending package has provided innovative real time techniques for tracking quality control and production. This has resulted in increased productivity and equipment reliability. The bottom line is the software helps to ensure a safe work environment for our employees."

Nathan Morris, Automation Engineer, Mountain Cement, Wyoming

Canary Labs has been working within the drilling and fracking industry for several years and offers a number of unique solutions for various major companies that are serving in this industry segment. Game changing opportunities in the industry have been created due to the development of Canary Labs’ existing software and the added advancements of new products. We have received positive feedback from our customers and they are pleased with how quickly and easily our products can retrieve and display data that is crucial to their operations.

Canary Labs has found that the drilling and fracking industries face some data collection and presentation challenges that are almost exclusive to the industry. Off-shore oil platforms can also use similar solutions. Some examples of challenges that have been solved are the following.

Drilling and fracking operations generally happen at multiple sites and new sites are constantly being forged. Some customers would like their operators to be able to view the data during the fracking process, while others just want to forward the data to a centralized location where it can later be accessed. Since data is being collected from multiple locations, having the right configuration to be able to centralize and/or view localized data can be a challenge. Canary Labs offers two solutions for data centralization. The first method uses a technology we call the “Historian Mirror”. The Historian Mirror will log the data to a local historian and push the data to a centralized location. This solution allows operators at the local site to view the data while it is being collected. The second solution is called the “Store and Forward”. The Store and Forward solution does not give local access to the data, but does not require a historian at each site. This solution will buffer the data to local files, then transfer the data to the centralized location.

Sites where drilling and fracking occur are usually located in remote places. Most data vans use a satellite link to transfer data, but the band-width of these links is often limited. Metrics other than historical data are often sent through the satellite link which can further reduce the band-width available for transferring historical data. Because of the reduced band-width size, it can be difficult to keep up with real-time updates. Even with the limited band-width size provided through satellite links, Canary Labs has been able to send real-time data to a centralized historian with a data latency of only 15 seconds. If necessary, throttling can be configured in our solutions when existing tasks require part of the band-width.

In the fracking industry, data vans are used to collect data from various units that are used during the fracking process. Some of the units used in a frac are Pumping Units, Chemical Units, Hydration Units and Blender Units. We will be referring to a “Fleet” as a data van and the units that are attached to that data van during fracking operations. Each unit has an assigned unit number and these units move between different fracking sites. The movement of the units between sites makes it difficult to track and determine which units were operating at a site during a specified time when viewing data. At the corporate site, Canary Labs creates custom “Views” which allow users to more easily find and interpret the data that has been logged. Two default views that Canary Labs creates are the units view and the fleets view. The units view allows a user to look at the data for a particular unit even though that unit may have been moving between different fleets during fracking operations. The view figures out the data that is associated with that unit and presents it to the user. The fleets view organizes that data into a fleet structure that shows data associated with a specified fleet; data from a data van and all associated units that were used during fracking operations. These views make it much easier to find and interpret data that has been logged during the fracking process while the units are being moved between sites. Additional views can also be created if the customer would like to be able to browse and view data in other structure formats.

When building reports that will be used for analysis, it is often difficult and time-consuming to gather the desired data from each unit or fleet. Determining which units or fleets are active can also present a problem. Reports may need to be generated monthly or weekly and the data may need to be entered into the report manually. Manually inputting data into a report not only takes longer, but it introduces the probability of errors. Canary Labs has the ability to create custom reports that can be programmatically run. This can make reporting much faster and more accurate than manual data entry. These reports can be generated very quickly, allowing the customer to spend more time actually analyzing the data. One way that the reports are being used is for maintenance planning and scheduling, but there are many other reporting applications that could be beneficial to a drilling and fracking operation.

The drilling and fracking industry offers a variety of challenges when collecting and logging historical data. We have been able to help our customers solve problems they were facing and have been able to add additional value into our products. Drilling and fracking operations often require a solution, not just an off-the-shelf product. Canary Labs has experience in this industry and can offer invaluable input when developing a solution to meet your needs.

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Canary Labs has worked with many food, beverage and consumer goods companies to store historical data and create trends to monitor production, assist with predictive maintenance, create food safety and sanitation reports to meet federal reporting/regulatory requirements, and to lessen the dependence on water and electric utilities.

A chocolate manufacturing company implemented a solution that integrates the TrendLink and Canary Enterprise Historian applications with the Parker Hanefin Corporation Interact (formerly owned by CTC) user interface and OPC server. TrendLink is an embedded control within the Interact Human Machine Interface (HMI) and is used to view trends of several unique system processes.

Manufacturing chocolate requires a drying process that monitors the various oven temperatures called Critical Control Points (CCP). Using TrendLink to trend various CCP data, operations staff can monitor and determine that ovens remain within an appropriate temperature zone. If the process varies outside this zone, then action is required to divert the product off the production line until the temperatures are stabilized.

To achieve the best chocolate, dry powder must be removed from the process. Conveying pressure is used to monitor this and related processes. If the pressure gets too high, operators know the product is wet and the oven temperature is low. Dips in oven temperature can also lead to the product becoming wet and moist. In these instances, the operator is warned of the product being out of the CCP limits and that action is required. Once identified as moist or wet, increases in transport pressure will force the product to be side streamed and pulled off the production line.

The other processes and operations monitored include pressures, vacuum, uptime, dry material, time that the vessel is charged, and time started. Based on this and other collected data, management can see if staff operated the proper functions in a timely manner.

TrendLink and Canary Enterprise Historian bring awareness to equipment that is not operating optimally. If the operator is looking at four (4) or five (5) vessels and notices that one vessel has different characteristics, they can determine problems such as the heating of the vessel is off or that the vessel is not pulling with the same vacuum as the others. A user wouldn’t notice these problems by looking at gauges or numbers. By viewing a trend line via TrendLink, these anomalies are visually evident. To an operator, each vessel should have a similar trend profile; if the profile deviates, an operator knows that something is wrong and the system requires attention.

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Government projects require safe, reliable and cost effective solutions. Contractors need to offer a broad range of products to address the unique requirements of these projects. The Canary Labs product suite extends data management from collection to analysis and reporting and can be used to provide better decision making, reduce downtime, optimize operations, facilitate preventative maintenance, and analyze process failures to improve and increase the agility, efficiency and reliability of operations.

Canary Labs worked with the United States Navy to supply the Canary Enterprise Historian, InfoLink and TrendLink applications in Navy vessels to monitor the operations and performance of various ships and submarines. Canary Labs software has been installed on thirty nuclear powered Los Angeles class submarines and ten Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Submarine operators will monitor and quickly analyze over 10,000 variables throughout the submarines from many (up to 30 per vessel) display stations. Aircraft carrier operators will utilize the software to view over 25,000 variables from 60 display stations per ship.

Bechtel Machine Propulsion Corporation and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory utilize the Canary Enterprise Historian and TrendLink software in their world-class research and development facilities in support of the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. In their laboratories, technical staff view critical information used to develop and test nuclear propulsion technologies. Additionally, the software provides technical support for the safe and reliable operation of existing naval reactors and those who operate the equipment.

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In fluctuating economic times, metal and mining companies are faced with many challenges to operate efficiently and profitably. Aside from increased or decreased supply and demand, these companies are required to supply a high quality product while emphasizing employee safety and environmental sustainability, and ultimately meeting all federal and state regulatory requirements. Real-time historian and trending data can provide crucial information used to troubleshoot problems, improve productivity and product quality, and streamline the documentation and reporting process.

Gallatin Steel of Ghent, Kentucky is one of the most advanced, environmentally-safe mini-mills in the world. More than 1.2 million tons of hot rolled coils are manufactured annually. Gallatin Steel recycles scrap steel to make the coils in a process called, Compact Strip Production. Each day, 4,000+ tons of scrap steel from automobiles, demolished buildings and bridges, railroad wheels, and appliances are turned into new steel coils.

Canary Labs began working with Gallatin Steel in 1997 to address specific needs in one area of the plant. Today, there are four (4) installations of the Canary Enterprise Historian and TrendLink software. Extensively used throughout the plant, TrendLink is utilized by control room operators to monitor and control their processes, by the engineer staff to trouble shoot and improve production efficiencies, and by management to analyze and direct operations. Through the improved visibility, Gallatin Steel estimates that the Canary Labs Enterprise Product Suite saves the company approximately $1 million annually in avoided downtime costs.

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A Word From Our Clients

"Our fixed costs are $20,000/hour; Canary Trending easily saves us 50 hours per year with fast, accurate trouble shooting of problems."

Dan Pridemore, Electrical Engineer, Gallatin Steel

Store and retrieve years of data (with no performance degradation) for your business analysis applications.

Many SCADA system users and companies have standardized on the Cygnet Enterprise Operations Platform for their industry solutions that collect, manage and distribute essential operations data. Cygnet is a popular choice in certain industries and is a good fit for their needs. Canary Labs has been involved in a number of projects where the Cygnet software systems are in use to enhance the overall enterprise systems.

Customers have found that they can’t retain the amount of data they desire to have available with the Cygnet systems, especially in the storage and fast retrieval needed for business analysis applications. Canary Labs has developed connectors and created the ability to take data from one or many Cygnet systems into the Canary Labs high capacity Enterprise Historian efficiently and effectively storing historical and real-time data. Points or tags can be automatically created and stored within the Canary Labs historian as new equipment is brought on-line.

The combination of the Cygnet system handling the SCADA needs and the Canary system managing and processing enormous amounts of data is a powerful and valuable resource to data intensive companies. Canary Labs’ Enterprise Historian allows this large amount of time-series data to be manageable for clients’ business analysis applications via a combination of various up-to-date modern interfaces such as web services or classical methods such as ODBC and exporting interfaces. Retrieval performance of the data is fast whether months or years of data is involved.

XSPOC software from Theta Oilfield services is another comprehensive well management system for oilfields where Canary Labs has developed connectors to manage data intensive time-series data storage and efficient retrieval. The XSPOC software is also a popular choice and widely used for smart automation, optimization and artificial lift analysis in oilfields. These customers also struggle with the amount of on-line storage of data they desire to have available for their business analysis. The combination of the XSPOC software and the Canary Labs Enterprise Historian to manage and serve this massive amount of data to other applications has also proved to be very valuable.

With easy access to many years of valuable time-series data, Canary Labs has provided game changing solutions to our clients to greatly enhance their success, market responsiveness and profitability. In some cases, Canary Labs has increased clients’ data availability from 90 days to decades of data. If you would like to know more about our solutions, please contact us.

The process of refining crude oil is a very complex one and there is much equipment involved that is vital to the industry. Large refinery complexes have a vast network of valves, flow meters, level sensors, temperature transducers and process columns, pipelines, and chemical storage tanks involved in the process of production. Because of the complexity of these facilities, there are large amounts of data that needs to be tracked and recorded. Canary Labs has the resources to achieve this and has been involved in this industry for over 25 years providing tools and solutions to one of the largest refineries on the East Coast.

The Delaware City Refining Corporation, a subsidiary of PBF Energy, is an oil refinery with a throughput capacity of 190,000 barrels per day and employs around 435 individuals. As a result of its configuration and petroleum refinery processing units, Delaware City has the capability to process a diverse heavy slate of crudes with a high concentration of high sulfur crudes making it one of the largest and most complex refineries on the East Coast.

After the Plant started using Canary Labs solutions, many benefits resulted. It was able to give the managers more insight into real-time values and also historical trends. A brief interlude in using Canary Labs Trending resulted in a process upset which highlighted the value of the software to which they currently run around the clock. Canary Labs solutions have also resulted in a better understanding of process interactions which has helped the process engineer not only diagnose problems, but also prevent problems from occurring. Through the historical software, the company is also given the resources to see how plant operations have affected the environment. Extreme requirements on air quality and the emissions of NOx, SOx and opacities are monitored to provide safety to both workers and the surrounding community.

As a result of Canary Labs products, the plant has been able to improve operating efficiencies and provide a safe and work friendly environment. With such a high volume of product, even the smallest improvement can result in saving a significant amount of money.

Change is a constant for the oil and gas industry. Fluctuations in daily prices, increases/decreases in demand, international relations, and economic pressures all influence energy consumption and the resource mix for the energy industry. Each supplier faces internal pressures to perform better and decrease costs while increasing revenues for owners. Canary Labs delivers many options to oil, gas, refining and pipeline companies that can help reduce production and exploration costs, improve process and production metrics, centralize information, and provide streamlined reporting for regulatory compliance.

Kinder Morgan, the largest midstream and fourth largest energy company in North America, works with Canary Labs to streamline, consolidate and centralize production information. The Pacific Liquids Pipeline operations business unit operates a 3,000 mile refined petroleum products pipeline on the West Coast of the United States which serves California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. Kinder Morgan needed to pull data from over 27 remote locations and consolidate this information to two (2) central data centers while being challenged by limited bandwidth. The data transferred could not impact or affect on-going operations. Additionally, all regulatory data needed to be collected in two (2) redundant historians, trend data had to be accessible from any location, and the solution could not require a significant amount of training or resources from Kinder Morgan.

Canary Labs deployed the Canary Enterprise Historian and TrendLink software to synchronize data from 54 historians and allow Kinder Morgan to have complete control of the transfer speed to ensure no impact to on-going operations. Canary Labs worked with the end users to configure simple views consisting of site and pipeline location drop-down lists, primary or back-up servers or datasets, date and time to display, time duration for charts, and chart sizes. The project resulted in Kinder Morgan having a centralized historian solution that is easy-to-use, maintain, network friendly and reliable. Kinder Morgan uses the system for regulatory inspections, has reduced investments in network infrastructure and hardware, and has reduced the need for remote resources to manage pumping locations.

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A Word From Our Clients

"The system is very intuitive to use and to configure. It provides excellent diagnostic logs and reports. Canary Labs has exceeded my expectations and I am very excited and pleased with the outcome of this project."

Troy Bower Manager SCADA IT, Kinder Morgan

Today, the power generation and electric utility industry is experiencing great change. Renewable energy, inclement weather and increased storm damage, gas emissions, lack of transmission capacity, economic and environmental regulations, and the Smart Grid are all influencing daily operations. The Canary Labs product suite offers solutions that optimize production, maximize performance, streamline regulatory related compliance issues, and enable the Smart Grid and related equipment and solutions.

Cordova Electric Cooperative uses the Canary Enterprise Historian and TrendLink software to monitor critical hydroelectric equipment. Located in a remote area of Alaska, Cordova Electric Cooperative produces 60% of the electric power from the Power Creek Hydroelectric Project, a Green-E certified, low impact, run-of-the-river hydroelectric project. In addition to using the Canary Enterprise Historian to mine continuous historical data for interior and exterior plant temperatures, turbine bearing temperatures, generator winding temperatures, power output and system frequency, Cordova Electric Cooperative has used the data in combination with TrendLink to determine equipment failures—preventing downtime and outages. One instance allowed a plant operator to find an issue with a cooling fan that was operating sporadically. The operator isolated the problem, shifted control to adjacent contacts, addressed and corrected the equipment, brought the equipment back on line, and prevented the equipment from being taken out of service. On a daily basis, Cordova Electric Cooperative is using the Canary Labs software to analyze power use patterns, monitor loads on portions of the power grid before, during and after outages, and to perform studies on power factor, voltage levels, load balance and economic dispatch of units.

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A Word From Our Clients

"We include Canary Labs trending on every system we install. It collects all relevant data and stores it for a minimum of one year. It allows us to easily troubleshoot problems that would have been very difficult to find without Canary Labs."

Trever Kudrna, EPS, Alaska

The water and wastewater industries face tremendous challenges on a daily basis. In addition to infrastructure renewal and replacement demands, a never-ending stream of regulations, product quality, operational optimization, water resource adequacy, and customer satisfaction are on the minds of senior management. Canary Labs delivers many solutions that ease the minds of management through maximized asset performance, increased operating efficiencies and streamlined reporting capabilities used for regulatory compliance.

The City of Boca Raton, Florida has been at the forefront of technology using advanced drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities in support of their customers. Residents rely on the City to supply high quality drinking water by leveraging the largest operational membrane softening process facility in the world.

The City of Boca Raton utility services group struggled with their historical data collection system. When plant management tried to find the root cause of problems or looked for process improvements, the data required was unavailable due to the limited capabilities and reliability of the existing historical data collection system. After investigating, the utility services group determined that the existing OPC enabled products from multiple vendors could be integrated smoothly with the Canary Enterprise Historian, TrendLink, TrendExport and TrendReporter applications to assist in solving their issues.

The Canary Enterprise Historian is used to collect and store system data, notate important information per point, generate critical reports for regulatory purposes, and interface with the TIPS Alarms and Management System. Today, system operators, process engineers and management supervisors are able to communicate and share information in a collaborative environment that has increased productivity and provides better protection for the investment in their existing asset infrastructure.

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A Word From Our Clients

"I was really impressed with the ease of use and easy setup procedures. The performance and file management of the Canary Enterprise Historian helped us keep hardware costs down. The Canary Labs technical support team also provided first class service and help when needed."

Senior Analyst of Process Control