Canary Enterprise Historian

Acquire, Store, Retrieve, View, Analyze

The Canary Enterprise Historian is the platform that acquires and stores large volumes of data generated from process applications. Our process historian software is used in applications ranging from 100 tags to over 1 million tags, demonstrating scalability and performance without the need for special computing hardware. It has a throughput rate of more than 2.5 million tvqs per second, easily meeting the requirements of high speed applications. The Canary Enterprise Historian can obtain data from many disparate data sources, allowing easy access via one central and easy to use interface.

The Canary Enterprise Historian administrative application can easily access any historian on your plant networks; allowing monitoring and configuring from a single location. Administrative features such as automatic dataset validation, archiving, roll over and roll up, audit trails and performance monitoring make the Canary Enterprise Historian capable of performing in a complex enterprise. Multiple Canary Enterprise Historians can be used in environments that require redundancy and high data availability.

Key Features: 
  • Designed for high speed performance
  • High availability; including store and forward
  • Independent log rate time-stamping at the tag level
  • Logical grouping with flexible tag configurations
  • Decentralized logging with centralized network storage
  • Dead band management per tag
  • Built-in performance monitoring
  • FDA21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Remote administration
Spec Sheet: 

Please ask one of our sales representatives for specification sheets regarding this product.