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Pricing To Smile About

Most companies overspend on data historians. You don't have to be one of them. Join the 18,000 other Canary users that refuse to overpay for data software!

We know you need an affordable way to store and analyze time-series sensor data. The problem is, most solutions cost way too much and none of us can figure out why… it’s just software. Talk about frustrating! That’s why we work hard to ensure all Canary solutions are fairly-priced, and here’s how we do it:

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First, we bundle every Canary Historian with 100 tags, an Axiom license, and our Excel Add-in. This way, right from the beginning you have every tool you need to store and analyze your process data.

Then, we allow you to grow the system as you see fit. You can add additional historian tags, Axiom licenses, or Excel Add-in instances.

Finally, decide how you would like to invest in a Canary solution. Will you own the licensing outright, use a subscription plan, or do you prefer a SaaS model?

So, using the tools below, build your own system. Then schedule time with a Canary Consultant to discuss your unique needs.

You don’t need to overspend on a data historian. Instead, you can focus your attention where it belongs, making informed decisions that save your company time and money.

Price Your System In 3 Steps

First, choose what you want to collect data from: