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Increase your awareness with Canary’s alarming options. Use both Canary Events and TopView to monitor your process and get notified by text, email, or phone call when an event begins or an alarm set point is met.



Events are included in every historian. This free service allows you to frame important process events based on tag values or changes. It also allows you to notify key staff when an Event begins.

Events can be used to track equipment startups or shutdowns, phases, batches, operator shifts, downtimes, or a process that goes beyond acceptable limits.

Use tools like the Excel Add-in or Axiom to explore the data during and around the event. Compare multiple events and report on your findings.


The following properties are used to configure event parameters:

  • Description: Describe the event
  • Source: Define the dataset or view that is being monitored
  • Asset Type: Define the asset that is being monitored
  • Start Trigger: Define the the conditions that cause an event to begin
  • End Trigger: Define the conditions that cause an event to end
  • End Time-Shift: Define an event end time offset
  • Min Duration: Define a minimum duration that must elapse
  • Notify Email: Define users who will receive an email when the event is triggered
  • Backfill Duration: Define amount of historical data that event conditions will be processed on when the event is created
  • Properties: Create properties of the event that can be applied to the associated tags
  • Associated Tags: Define the tags that will be associated with the event


TopView by Exele is a comprehensive alarm management and alarm notification software system designed to work seamlessly with the Canary Historian. Generate audible alarms, send e-mail notification, SMS/text notification, voice call-out notification, and SNMP traps. Plus, desktop and mobile apps help keep users connected.


TopView contains a robust notification engine supporting a wide variety of devices. This includes audible alarms, email, SMS/text, voice callout (VOIP/TAPI), pagers, and SNMP traps. If you need additional notification options, TopView allows you to write your own notification handler. Notification Messages can be fully customized to ensure that the delivered message is meaningful to each user. Many of TopView’s notification methods are bidirectional (email, SMS/text, voice callout), allowing the notification recipient to acknowledge the alarm and prevent escalation to others within the organization.


TopView stores your alarm history and makes it available for reports and analysis. Reports can be scheduled and emailed or created on demand. Insightful alarm analytics exposes “bad actors”, alarm flooding, and periods of unusual alarm activity.

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