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Make sense of your data with several reporting options. Share your findings and improve your processes.


Excel Add-In

The Excel Add-in provides access to tag information, raw data, aggregate data, and event statistics. A Microsoft Excel ribbon bar allows you to quickly get to the functions you need.

add trends

Quickly access entire lists of tag names, tag properties, and tag data context.

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calculation trends

Access any Canary historian and extract raw data values for a set time period.

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trend limits

With over 30 available data aggregates, select the desired processed data based on time interval.

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aggregated data

Browse the existing Events service and filter results by multiple properties or search for undefined Events with the AdHoc Events tool.

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Flow software helps simplify the centralization of key operational data from multiple sources and helps you share important findings across your organization. With Flow you'll connect to data on-premise or in the cloud, synch measures and KPIs, perform calculations and rollups, and then share information in reports and dashboards that can be viewed in multiple forms.

flow reporting software


Collect and collate information from multiple data sources automatically. Flow naturally connects to the Canary data historians, as well as SQL databases, online data stores, IoT, even Excel and text files. Like Canary, Flow also embraces manual data entry and even features a configurable input form. The Flow Information Platform maintains a single version of the truth for your analysis and decision making.


Using the powerful Flow Calculation Engine, create calculated KPI measures from both collected and manually entered data. Perform "roll up" calculations, moving window calculations, future dated predictive calculations, and more. Add context to your KPIs by relating them to production events (e.g. batch, shift team, product changeover, etc.). Evaluate your KPIs against targets and limits, then flag areas of concern for further analysis.


Flow prepares and packages information for fast operational decision making. Use either embedded reports for Axiom or standalone dashboards to turn measured data into actionable information that can change culture.


For information on-the-go, use the Flow social media platform to communicate quickly with others. Now, key KPIs can be quickly sent to various team members for instant collaboration without having to wait for meetings or compete for attention in someone’s email inbox.

XL Reporter


Created by SyTech, XL Reporter is built around the familiar environment of Excel and is recommended for automated reporting. The scheduler can automatically produce reports within Excel Workbooks, as encrypted PDF files, or as web pages. You can easily distribute reports by email, FTP, file server, and printer.

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ODBC Connector

Use other third party reporting options like Spotfire, Tableau, Dream Reports, and more by making SQL queries from the data tables of the Enterprise Historian with Canary’s ODBC connection.

aggregated data

Connecting spotfire to the historian using the ODBC connector.

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keyboard_arrow_rightkeyboard_arrow_downWhat is processed data?

Processed data is calculated using an aggregate and time interval. A common use of processed data is to get the average values of the raw data over specified time intervals.

keyboard_arrow_rightkeyboard_arrow_downWhat are aggregates?

Aggregates are the calculation algorithms used when retrieving processed data. Some aggregates are TimeAverage, Minimum, Maximum, Total, Start, PercentGood, Count, and more.

keyboard_arrow_rightkeyboard_arrow_downCan I access the database using SQL queries?

Yes, you can use the ODBC Connector to make SQL queries into the database.

keyboard_arrow_rightkeyboard_arrow_downCan I schedule reports?

Yes, XL Reporter allows for scheduled reports via email, FTP, file server, or printer.

keyboard_arrow_rightkeyboard_arrow_downCan I connect the Canary database to other reporting tools?

Indeed, you can. Choose between our ODBC Connector, HDA Connector, or our API.

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