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Need Support Now?

Customer support team


Provided Exclusively by Canary Labs

Our annual CustomerCare program will give you access to our support team for all of your support needs. This program is only offered by Canary Labs and includes:

  • Support for current and previous major releases
  • Access to all product updates
  • Support during normal business hours (8AM - 5PM EST Mon-Fri)
  • Premium support is available for extended support hours
  • On-site training and support (billed separately)
Call 814-793-3770 for support


Our products are easy to install and require minimal setup. If you are having trouble installing our software and have a current CustomerCare package, we would be happy to assist you with your installation over the phone, through email, or remote access. On-site deployments can also be arranged for an additional cost.


To help you get started with our products, we offer a series of instructional videos on each of the product pages. If additional help is needed, we also offer an on-site instructional training program for an additional cost. The training program is customized to meet your needs and give you a better understanding of the daily use of our systems.

Getting Started With Canary

1. Configure Database

trend tools

2. Log Data

axiom dashboard

3. Visualize Data

axiom dashboard