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The Four Necessary Steps to
Predictive Asset Management

Tired of reacting to unexpected equipment failures, power outages, and unplanned downtime? If you are not actively transitioning from a reactive to a predictive asset management program, you are likely to deal with the same frustrations a year from now as you have in the past. Although hindsight will always be twenty-twenty, foresight has the potential to save your company millions in operating dollars.

Unfortunately, for your company’s bottom line, it is against human nature to look for trouble when it doesn’t exist, creating a built-in “head-in-the-sand” response to the profit raiders that are always beating at the factory door. A Predictive Asset Management Model (PAMM) allows you to keep vigil on the potential danger signals coming from equipment. Through this model, information is easily shared between staff members, increasing communications and providing better feedback loops. Assets are ranked by potential risk, allowing for better preventative maintenance, planning, and parts support.


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