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Three Actions You Should Take
With Your Process Data

The Canary data historian, like most other historians, holds more analytical potential today than just a decade ago. In recent years, data historians have become process knowledge powerhouses, transforming operations and fundamentally changing the way time-series data is interpreted. Despite historian technology becoming more robust, few companies have taken the necessary steps to actualize their data historian's full potential.

Thirty-one years ago, the Canary enterprise historian was built around an extremely fast and secure proprietary database that streamlined process data storage. Although it reliably recorded time-series data the number of personnel that were able to benefit from the plant historian was restricted due to poor visualization technologies, network constraints, and lower CPU performance. Technological advancements have since eroded these limitations and resulted in both a broader user base as well as an increase in functionality. The Canary data historian now additionally features Axiom trending software, alarm and notification packages, reporting suites with integrated Excel add-ins, asset management functionality, and a variety of connectors allowing data to flow in or out of the historian as needed.


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