The Canary System

Maximize Your Operation

Analyze your operational health on any device and make better decisions.

Make Better decisions

Connecting your decision makers to the process data in the Canary System and giving them easy to use tools that help them analyze that data is a winning combination.
You can leverage the asset models created in Virtual Views in all of the Canary analytic tools, saving you serious diagnostic time.

Connect your Team To The Data

Easy to use tools that will have you crunching numbers like a data rockstar in no time.

Analyze Your Data

Deliver your data in a way that makes sense with Axiom, Canary's visualization tool. Build dashboards, charts, meters, trends, reports, and much more.


Use Your Data in Excel

Move data directly from the Canary Historian into Microsoft Excel with our Excel Add-in.  Easily use your data with the most popular spreadsheet software application in the world.

Excel Add-In

Integrate Your Data

If you want to share data across your organization it has to be accessible. Use Canary's Data Connectors to easily connect the Canary System to other applications.

Data Connectors

The Canary System

An industrial data platform designed to make using your process data easy.