Data Connectors

Data access is key to maximizing your operation.  The Canary System provides plenty of ways to share data across your organization.

Canary Data Connectors

Whether you want to use MQTT Sparkplug, the Web API, ODBC, or OPC HDA, Canary makes it easy to publish your data to third party applications.  You can use these tools to connect your Canary databases to other industry analytic tools, including AWS, Flow Software, ESRI, Spotfire, Seeq, IBM Maximo, PowerBI, and more.

MQTT Sparkplug Publishing Client

Choose the tags, Virtual Views, or asset models you wish to publish, configure the location of the MQTT broker, and the Canary MQTT Publisher will publish your tag values on change in real time. Not only does this tool provide an easy way to communicate with you existing MQTT infrastructure, but it also unlocks the potential to move your data into AWS and other cloud service platforms.

Canary Web API & Publisher

If you want to develop your own custom connection, use the included Canary Web API. Documentation is thorough and can be found in the Canary Knowledge Base. The Canary Web API connects through the Views Service and gives you access to raw data, aggregated process data, Canary Events, Virtual Views, calculated tags, and more. Additionally, you can create custom Publish Services to communicate the latest tag values of your choosing via JSON over WebSocket.

ODBC Connector

Have clients that need to make SQL queries?  The ODBC Connector should do just the trick. Licensed separately from the Canary System, you can use the ODBC Connector to expose the Canary Historian, Virtual Views, and Events in an 'SQL-like manner' to client tools that utilize ODBC.